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Top 6 Shops in Jodhpur for a Memorable Shopping Experience

Top 6 Shop in Jodhpur 

The vibrant world of shopping in Jodhpur is very unique in its own way, where tradition meets modernity and every street corner tells a story of Jodhour’s  craftsmanship and cultural influences in handicrafts. Jodhpur, often referred to as the “Blue City” for its old and iconic azure-hued buildings, is not just a city of historical wonders but also a shopper’s paradise.

From exquisite handicrafts to intricate textiles, the shopping experience here is as rich and diverse as its heritage. Join us as we explore the best shopping destinations and top shop in Jodhpur. 

1. Maharani Textiles

Lies within the hearts of Jodhpur, through the maize of street bustling with people, you find a place that seems normal at first sight but as you step in, you find out that it’s more than just a top shop in Jodhpur. Maharani Textiles is one of the very few names in Texas industries of Jodhpur where you will hear stories of big international names coming and purchasing scarves, shawls, tapestries , blankets and bedsheets from this shop.

Maharani Textiles has collaborated with big fashion brands like Prada, Chanel, Miu Miu and Armani. If you also want to buy antiques of Rajasthani textiles and be amazed with the textile history of Rajasthan, Maharani Textile is one of the greatest places to explore the top shop in Jodhpur.

Maharani textiles has a great collection of antique pieces, decor items, shawls, bed sheets, scarves, wall hangings, carpets, handicrafts items, tapestries, carpets etc. all telling their own stories woven in the traditional methods of Rajasthani designs and prints.

2. Rajasthan Handlooms and Handicrafts

Another traditional textile marvel of Jodhpur is Rajasthan Handlooms handlooms and Handicrafts is yet another top shop in Jodhpur. Running from the last one decade, this shop has won the hearts of not only the local people but the people who come to visit Jodhpur.

This shop is even more popular among the foreign tourists who want to adore and purchase traditional crafts of Rajasthan. Here you will find a wide range of Rajasthani traditional handloom pieces, Rajasthani traditional footwear, shawls, scarves, veils, art pieces, decor items made with wood, leather and various metals. 

The staff here is very polite and courteous. The local customers of the shop often visit the place for exploring the new stocks and variety of items that they display for the visitors to purchase. They always welcome the customers with a warm smile and answer each query and questions of the people who visit the shop and rhisnis the reason ehy Rajasthan Handlooms is rated as one of the top shop in Jodhpur. 

  • Address: 115, First Polo Paota Fort Road Khet Singh Ji Ka Bangla, Rajasthan, India
  • Contact: 0291 255 2255

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3. Gems and Art Plaza

If you are one of those who want to explore the traditional art, craft and jewellery in a more grand manner from a top shop in Jodhpur than Gems and Art Plaza is the perfect place for you.

This Store has a really wide variety of art pieces that include statues of Indian gods and goddesses made of various materials, chairs , jewellery made with precious and semi precious stones in white and yellow gold, traditional Rajasthani prints using soothing and vibrant colours on cotton fabric.

This shop has something for everyone. The jewellery which is handcrafted in-house meets the international standards. One of the best things about this shop is that almost all foreign visitors love to come to this shop and explore the traditional grandeurs of Rajasthani culture, art and jewellery.

The quality of the jewellery and handicraft items are unmatched and comes with a variety of unique designs that easily stole the hearts of the people who come to buy them. It is one of the high recommendations for top shop in Jodhpur.

  • Address: Plot No. 1A, 1B, Parwati Nagar, Circuit House Road, Patel Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  • Contact: (+91) 9829024466
  • Website: 

4. Shree Ganesham Exports

In the list of our top shop in Jodhpur, we have yet another fascinating store to explore wooden art and intricate handicraft items. This shop has wooden pieces like wall hangings, show pieces, and craft items. A really good range of handicrafts and traditional textile items can also be found in the store. 

Hand painted fabrics with very intricate designs, wooden furniture and wall decor items have high demand. Local tourist guides can be seen taking visitors into such shops as these shops are very famous among foreign tourists. You can bargain with different shops for similar items before making a deal could be a great tip for first-time visitors.

  • Address: Plot no. 8-9 Maharishi Gautam Nagar, Basni, Bhaghela, Main Pali Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

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5. Rajasthali Emporium

Rajasthali Emporium is one of the oldest handicraft shops in Jodhpur. This shop has a really good collection of authentic Rajasthani handloom items. The shop has different sections for Rajasthani traditional arts. You can purchase things made of leather such as boots, bags, Rajasthani traditional footwear, hats and wallets.

The shop also has a good collection of metal wall pieces. You can also see a beautiful collection of handmade shawls, carpets, scarves and tapestries. Rajasthali Emporium is definitely going to be your top shop in Jodhpur.

  • Address: 121. 2nd Polo, opposite Axis Bank, Meharangarh, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India 
  • Contact: (+91) 9828112091

6. Bishnoi Village Art

Bishnoi village art is one of its kind shopping destination for those who want to visit top shop in Jodhpur. Bishnoi Village Art offers intricate hand painted and hand crafted textile marvels that definitely steal the hearts of tourists. 

In this shop, you will find rugs, carpets, shirts and hand blocked fabric. One can clearly be amazed by observing the complex designs and patterns on the antique rugs hung on the walls to display.  

The main attraction of this shop is men’s shirts designed and hand painted using Rajasthan’s traditional hand block printing and dying technique known as ‘Bandhani’.

This shop is very famous among the foreign visitors who wish to purchase souvenirs for their loved ones. Bishnoi Village Art can be your next top shop in Jodhpur while purchasing traditional and contemporary textile designs from Jodhpur.

  • Address: 10, Nai Sarak, Near Police Chowki, Clock Tower, Sardar Market, Opposite. Maharaja Spice, Ghantaghar (Clock Tower) Market, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
  • Contact: (+91) 8003713901


As you walk through the  bustling and colourful markets of Jodhpur, you carry with you a piece of Rajasthan’s soul. The vibrant colours, the intricate designs, fine artistic pieces and the warm hospitality of the people make shopping in Jodhpur not just a transactional experience but a journey of discovery and connection with the culture of Jodhour.

Whether you’re an admirer of art, a fashion enthusiast or someone simply seeking souvenirs, Jodhpur’s shopping scene promises to leave a mark on your heart and home that makes the shopping experience one of its kind. We hope you loved our curated list of top shop in Jodhpur. 

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